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The Mellifluous Diaries.

Step into a scene and let it drip from your fingertips through your pen and be faithful to the stories in your head.

Latest from the Blog

One of those days.

Tuition classes in sunny afternoons. My heavy backpack churned my shoulder’s ball-and-socket joint. The thick-itchy fabric of my school uniform got more itchy as the skin poured sweat. My bag was filled with books and my mind with stress. The subjects I never liked before forcibly befriended me. Returning from maths tuition, my feet stepped…

Sun don’t come out today

Sun don’t come out today. I want to live this night forever. The night sky today is magical. The oceanic sky is illuminated by its myriad stars. Those stars are adorning the sky as love adorns the soul. The clouds moving like waves and there the full moon feels like a lonely ship floating all…


ancestral silver spoons and their lost luster— my mother’s youth ~Zehra Batool Inspired by haiku poetry style (a style of japanese poetry)

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